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Are you a trade customer looking to build a price profile with us? Enter your details below to be added as a Trade Customer at our Macclesfield Branch. Shop in store and place orders over the phone at consistent prices. 
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PARTIES HEREBY AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF THE C.O.D ACCOUNT: 1. The undersigned agrees to pay for products purchased in full, as well as all reasonable attorney or collection agency fees required to collect said payment. 2. In the event of Non-Payment, the policy privilege will be denied on all further purchases. And all collection policies will apply. 3. Payment must be made within 30 days from created C.O.D Invoice.
PAYMENT GUARANTEE: The undersigned, in consideration for acceptance of varies forms of payment on the aforementioned C.O.D account, hereby personally guaranties all forms of payment made for the purchase of materials under the terms stated, from Illingworth Ingham, Inc. and/or its authorized locations.